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About Us


Tarik AlZahid Holding (TZH) was established to expand the group's investment opportunities in the market. While still managing more than 10 industrial companies, TZH capitalize on its strength in the industrial sector to expand to new markets.

True calling is in the continues evaluation of opportunities. Our time, efforts and resources are dedicated to innovate within existing markets, find completely new ones and simply go where no industrial feet stepped before. Our success in such endeavors is a result of our stakeholders' trust, support and passion, and how we are proud to work with such partners. Thank you.

Tarik AlZahid, Chairman

Our strategy for the last 30 years have proven to achieve growth for our group of companies. TZH is interested in acquiring high potential startups that will deliver growth for us and to the nation's economy. We are exploring new areas, however our focus are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Real estate
  • Trading
  • Catering
  • Construction
  • Stock exchange

Vision & Mission

To achieve growth in every endeavor we take, to give back to our community, and stay true to our values and ethics.

To identify market opportunities and expand our portfolio of investments.

  • Growth
  • Diversity
  • Support local economy

Our Investments

Industrial 50%
Real Estate 20%
Stock Market 20%
Other 10%
International Investment 25%