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Gulf Pallet Factory

Known also as GPF, a wooden pallets manufacturing company found in 1988 and located in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. GPF is considered one of the major few wooden pallets manufacturers in the Gulf Area. With its multiple branches, it reaches to serve its customers requirements Kingdom wide and extend its activities to fulfill its major costumers needs all over the Gulf area.

The majority of GPF staff has been a part of GPF team for more than 20 years, making them the pioneers and experts in this field. Side to side by this professional team, the GPF is equipped with the best and most advanced machineries known worldwide to insure the continuity and quality of supply. All these efforts are dedicated solely to achieve our costumer's satisfaction.

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Tarik AlZahid Rubber Factory

Tarik AlZahid Rubber Factory, One of a few factories of its kind in the world, was established in 1997. Aiming to be the best, Tarik AlZahid Rubber Factory was equipped with the most modern technologies in the rubber industry. Moreover, the factory holds a top of the art technology laboratory to insure the quality is according to the highest standards.

The main product of this factory is known as the GR-40, which is only manufactured in Tarik AlZahid Rubber. The GR-40 is one of the essential components in the tires manufacturing process. Exported all over the world to the biggest tire manufactures in the world.

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Icons Engineering Construction

Icons Engineering Construction started its activities in 1981. Just about the time Saudi Arabia was developing and growing rapidly. Giving Icons Engineering the opportunity to work on mega size projects.

Since that time Icons Engineering has been working in different fields of construction, which includes roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings, factories and telecommunication. This big range of different projects gave Icons Engineering the experience giving its team the confident to get involved in challenging projects.

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Netaj Saudi Aluminum Factory

Netaj Saudi Aluminum factory was established in 2011. A new unique technology was used in this factory, which makes it one of its kind in the Middle East. Netaj's main goal is to supply its costumers with the best quality aluminum products worldwide. Mainly focused in producing raw materials for the car manufacturing plants worldwide and extends its range of products to fulfill the needs of its local and international costumers.

Netaj Saudi Aluminum Factory involves recycling as part of its activities to contribute in saving our environment. Beside that, all the manufacturing process is controlled by the most advanced screening technologies to make sure the factory is environmentally friendly.

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Sky Global

Sky Global specializing in trading and consumer goods. International chain restaurants, café, fashion are the main targets in this category.

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Recent News

New branch

New turkish restaurant & café opened in Riyadh

New production line

To increase pallets production by 2 millions

New residential compound

Completed 80 unit residential compound

Support to Economy

We have created strategic local partnerships to ensure the use of local raw material for our productions.

We invest in new startups that have a potential to develop. We finance, provide a business model, and offer our resources to them to succeed.